Are you ready to turn the life you have into

Maybe you’re tired of feeling stuck and unsatisfied in your life. Or you’re done with feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Maybe you have some things you want to change. Or you want almost everything to change!

Maybe you have no idea where to start. Or you’ve started more times than you can count, but you haven’t gotten the results you want.

Maybe you’ve tried everything. Or you haven’t tried at all. Maybe you’ve been too busy. Or too scared.


  • Stronger relationships 
  • A more fulfilling career 
  • A healthier body 
  • Your own business
  • More confidence
  • Time for yourself  
  • A new adventure
  • To simply feel better

Whatever the LIFE YOU LOVE looks like, you can make it happen!

So many midlife women feel like…

Their list of to-dos and responsibilities just keeps getting longer.

They’re constantly overloaded and stressed—at work and at home—and they can’t seem to get a break.

They’re suffering from never-ending worry, nagging anxiety, and negative thought spirals that are taking a toll on their health.

They’re a “certain age,” so they’re focused on what they think they can’t do anymore, instead of what they can.

They’re just letting their lives “happen,” and reacting to whatever comes their way.

It's selfish or indulgent to focus on improving their lives.

Deep down, all of those women have something in common. They’re terrified that the lives they have now are the lives that they’re stuck with, and that it’s too late to create the changes they really want.  

And they believe that they aren’t in control of their lives—that their lives are in control of them. But life isn’t something that just happens. Life is what you make happen—because you create your life with your mind. 
How you think your life is, is how your life actually is!


Your brain believes any story you tell it, even if it’s not true.

As long as you keep telling yourself limiting stories, you’re going to struggle to make lasting change in your life because…

Your brain will find proof of the stories you tell it.

It will find exactly what you’re looking for and, oftentimes, what you’re looking for isn’t what you want!

Your brain creates a pathway to make it easier for you to believe those stories.

That pathway gets deeper every time you tell yourself those stories and take actions that prove them true!

No wonder you feel stuck and unable to
make the changes you want in your life!

But…your brain isn’t showing you how things always have to be. It’s just showing you what you’ll continue to create if you don’t shift your thoughts and beliefs.

Because when you start recognizing the stories you’re telling yourself, you find out what’s really getting in the way of you making the changes you want in your life.

You’ve created the life you have now by believing certain stories about yourself, so clearly you have the ability to create a LIFE YOU LOVE by believing new ones.

You can change how you see yourself so you can be and do whatever you want!
You can change your stories.
You can change your thoughts.
You can prove them to yourself and…
Maybe you’ve been focused on making positive changes in your life, but you haven’t gotten the results you want (and it’s certainly not for lack of trying)!

Maybe you feel like you’ve tried everything, or you keep trying the same things over and over again. 

Maybe you read self-help books, meditate, go to yoga classes or keep a gratitude journal…

And all those things can be helpful!
But, I’m wondering...

Has the big change you want happened?
If it hasn’t, it’s probably because you haven’t found the right approach.

You need an approach that’s likely very DIFFERENT FROM ANYTHING ELSE you’ve tried—a unique plan and a proven process, and someone who can help you change your stories so you get the BIG RESULTS you envision for yourself.
You need The MidLIFE Fixer Upper…
The super-affordable, one-month, QUICK-START coaching program to help women like you create a LIFE YOU LOVE, one small choice at a time.

The MidLIFE Fixer Upper is different because…  

A lot of life-improvement programs are all about setting goals in the beginning 
and taking action to try and reach them.


Since our thoughts are the cause of the actions that will help us get results, that’s where we need to start.

The goals-first approach creates constant conflict between our actions and our unchanged thoughts. It puts us at war with ourselves! 

If we start by setting goals and just go about trying to reach them, we’re skipping the critical step of training our brains to work for us, not against us—and that’s why so many self-improvement programs just don’t work.

In The MidLIFE Fixer Upper, we’ll train your brain, then set your goals. Otherwise, you might be setting goals from a place of limited possibility. And you should dream without limits!

Even though we’ll take a different approach, you won’t have to wait for results. You’ll see POSITIVE CHANGE FROM DAY ONE!


The moment you start changing your mind is the moment you start changing your life.

Meet your coach…

I’m so glad you’re here, and that you’re ready to create something different in your life! I assure you that The MidLIFE Fixer Upper can help you change your life for the better—forever—and I’m so excited to share it with you.
As for me—I’m a certified health and life coach, Amazon bestselling author, columnist for Prime Women magazine, anxiety slayer, happy wife and now, your midlife mentor.

In my life, I’ve discovered that what we believe is what we create, and everything is changeable. We can do and become whatever we want—and I’m here to help you do just that. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

I understand what you’re going
through, and I can help!

There I was, in my early 50s and, on the surface, my life seemed pretty amazing. I had a successful career as an author—I even had an Amazon bestseller! I’d been happily married for more than 20 years, and my health was good...overall.

Then dangerous, anxiety-triggered blood pressure spikes landed me in the emergency room twice, facing the threat of a stroke. Clearly something had to change, or my anxiety might just steal my pretty amazing life.
I had to figure out what was keeping me from creating the fully healthy life I longed for. And I did that by looking at my mind. By recognizing the stories that I was telling myself and believing. I learned step-by-step how to change them and take action to prove them true. 

It might sound overwhelming, but it wasn’t. I changed my life ONE SMALL CHOICE at a time. Because that’s the only way my brain would let me do it!

My journey inspired my unique approach to life coaching that has helped 
me and so many of my clients create amazing lives that we love. 

And now IT’S YOUR TURN! 

The MidLIFE Fixer Upper

A super-affordable, one-month, QUICK-START coaching program designed to 
help women like you create a LIFE YOU LOVE, one small choice at a time.

In The MidLIFE Fixer Upper, you’ll get an easy process to follow, tools to help you overcome resistance, retraining for your brain and support to keep you on track.

The MidLIFE Fixer Upper

  • Train your brain work for you instead of against you to ease anxiety, stress and worry.
  • Take control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors so you can create what you truly want in any area of your life.
  • Get clear on your goals, set your strategies and take small, consistent actions to ease into BIG CHANGES without daunting risk or overwhelm.
  • Create results from DAY ONE!
After you join The MidLIFE Fixer Upper, you'll get instant access to your first session, then a new session will be released each week. Each session features video coaching, downloadable tools, an action-oriented challenge and techniques that you can learn now and use forever. This is exactly like us meeting weekly to build your plan 
step-by-step and keep you focused on creating positive changes in your life.
The MidLIFE Fixer Upper is designed to fit into your schedule, so you don't have to worry about keeping appointments or blocking specific times in your calendar. You'll have 24/7 access to the program so you can learn at your own pace, whenever it's convenient for you! Everything is delivered online, so you can participate from anywhere.

Here's how we'll create a LIFE YOU
LOVE with The MidLIFE Fixer Upper:

COACHING SESSION ONE: Discovering What is Holding You Back (so you can move forward!)

In Session One, you'll learn how to identify the sneaky ways that "stuck" shows up in your life, and what stories you tell yourself (and believe!) when they do.

You'll also learn how to identify negative thoughts and self-talk, and demolish them for good! All of this will boost your self-awareness, which is always super-important–especially when your brain is in training! You'll learn exactly what 
self-awareness is, why it matters and how to increase yours.

You'll get several useful tools to guide you during your first challenge:

  • The How Stuck is Showing Up Worksheet
  • The Negative Thought Assessment
  • The Self-Awareness Action Guide

CHALLENGE ONE is all about taking quick action to figure out what's holding you back, so you can successfully move forward and create a life you love.

“I was stuck. I wanted everything to change. I could see the life I wanted to live—to get fit, stop negative thinking, be more grateful, and minimize the clutter in my mind. I just didn’t know how to get there. I thought I was too old to learn anything new, but now I know I’m not. Tracy’s coaching gave me the confidence to focus on the things I want in my life. That’s been very freeing for me.” 
–Patricia L.

COACHING SESSION TWO: Rethinking Things Through (because every thought is optional!)

Remember those stories you keep telling yourself that you believe? They're just optional thoughts–but they have amazing power because they create your feelings. Those feelings cause you to take action–or not–and the results of those actions are the life you have now!

In Session Two, you'll learn how to observe the thoughts streaming through your mind so you can start to shift them. You'll also learn how to tell the difference between your thoughts and your circumstances, so you can get clear on the things you can change, and the things you can't.

You'll get lots of useful tools to guide you during
your second challenge including:

  • The Mind Works Model
  • The Thought Download Worksheet
  • The Find-A-New-Thought Guide

CHALLENGE TWO is all about training your brain to work for you instead of against you–now and into the future.

“I was sad knowing that if I didn't change, my life would always be the same. The little positive changes I'm making every day are getting me closer to the life I want to have. My relationship with my husband has gotten better, and my family has noticed a difference in me. I've learned how to feel better about everything.” –Lori S.

COACHING SESSION THREE: Feeling the Change (and taking action to prove it!)

Did you know that you get to choose your feelings? And you might be surprised by all the choices you have!

In Session Three, you'll learn how to identify your feelings, choose the ones you want, and get rid of the ones you don't!

You'll also learn a lot about action–how it might not be what you think it is, why it's required for lasting change and when is the best time to take it.

You'll crush your third challenge with
the help of several tools including:

  • The Find-Your-Feelings Inventory
  • The Flip-Your-Feelings Worksheet

CHALLENGE THREE is all about choosing feelings to inspire actions that will prove to your brain that you're ready for change.

“Most of my life was good, but there were things I wanted to change. I tried to do it on my own, but that didn't work. Tracy helped me realize that hidden negativity was holding me back. It's good to have someone to teach you how to look at things in a positive way. Now I'm vividly aware of how I need to approach things. It feels amazing.” 
–Sarah R.

COACHING SESSION FOUR: Creating a Life You Love (without deprivation or overwhelm!)

Now your brain is ready to focus on results!

In Session Four, you'll learn a unique process that will help you identify exactly what you want in your life, and you'll find out how looking forward and working backward will help you get it. 

You're going to love the tools for your final challenge, especially my One Choice Method that teaches you how to choose and make small, consistent choices that'll add up to the big changes you want in your life. You can learn this technique now and use it forever!

You'll also get

  • The Life You Want Worksheet
  • The How to Get It Blueprint

CHALLENGE FOUR is all about choosing the results you want and creating an action plan to get them–one choice at a time.

“I learned how to make changes one choice at a time. I’m proud of myself for every good choice I make, because even the smallest thing is a step forward. I don’t feel afraid anymore. I feel empowered.” 
 –Katherine J.

Support is super-important when you're making positive changes in your life, so I'll be sending a bit of inspiration or advice to your email inbox once a week for six weeks!

Because I want you to have everything you need to create a LIFE YOU LOVE, I'm including two amazing bonuses for everyone who joins The MidLIFE Fixer Upper in the next three days:


The MidLIFE Fixer Upper Private Facebook Community

You're not alone!

Join us in The MidLIFE Fixer Upper Facebook community and get to know other midlife women just like you who are making the changes they deserve in their lives. 

Connect with me, ask questions, get feedback, access exclusive content and make new, lasting friendships. 

Interacting with me and the group will definitely keep you fixing up and focused!


The How Others React When You Change
(and how to deal with it) Bonus Coaching Session

One thing is for sure–others will react to the changes you're making. Some in a positive way, and some, well, not so much. This bonus session will teach you how to get supporters to rally around you, and how to respond to "discouragers" in a healthy (and happy) way.

Includes a BONUS TOOL!

  • The Communicating About Your Change Checklist
“I thought I was too old to really change my life. Besides, I didn’t know how. Then I thought I wouldn’t have time to do the coaching work, but it didn’t take long at all and it was so valuable. Now I get why I haven’t been able to reach my goals. I needed to change my thinking first, and now I’m losing the weight.” 
–Cindy M.

Imagine what could be possible for you with the help of all of The MidLIFE Fixer Upper coaching sessions, tools, challenges, email support and bonuses!

The quick life change you'll accomplish will be PRICELESS.

That's the value I put on the change I made in my life–and I did it using the same tools and techniques available to you in The MidLIFE Fixer Upper. It's a simple, proven method that has worked for me, and again and again for my clients.

And if I can do it, YOU CAN, TOO!

I guarantee it.

That's why The MidLIFE Fixer Upper comes with the PROVE IT TO YOURSELF money-back guarantee.

Here's how it works. You can join the program, experience the coaching, use the tools, crush the first challenge and begin applying everything you learn in your daily life. Take an entire week to check out The MidLIFE Fixer Upper–and your bonuses–risk free. If you decide that the program isn't for you, just email me and I'll refund your money–no questions asked.
You deserve the chance to change. And with the PROVE IT TO YOURSELF guarantee, you have nothing to lose and your BEST LIFE to gain.

It's time to finally create the change you've been longing for with The MidLIFE Fixer Upper.
This is your chance, and all it takes is ONE CHOICE.
Choose yourself.  
If you’re not happy with the life you have, then choose a life you’ll love!
The life you’ll live tomorrow is the one you choose today. 
Join The MidLIFE Fixer Upper and get started now. The LIFE YOU LOVE is waiting!

Join The MidLIFE Fixer Upper today to lock in your access to all the coaching sessions, tools, challenges, support and amazing bonuses!

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Join The MidLIFE Fixer Upper today to lock in your access to all the coaching sessions, tools, challenges, support and amazing bonuses!

Choose the right plan for you below:


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“Tracy guided me to believe that I deserve to be healthy and to make myself a priority despite what life tries to throw at me!” 
–Judy K.
“I wish I’d worked with Tracy years ago. My life is so different since she’s been my coach. When I wake up every morning, I just feel better. I’ve got so much to look forward to.”
–Simone F.

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