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You want things to be different…

But it’s difficult to build your best life on your own.

You need the right mentor, tools and techniques to make it happen.

Ready to REFOCUS, REDESIGN and REFRESH your life?

You deserve someone who really shows up for you, offers you new choices, and guides you step-by-step toward creating your most POSITIVE MINDSET and your most ENJOYABLE LIFE.

I’m asking you to allow that mentor to be me.

And I’m asking you to trust that voice in your head (your intuition!) that’s telling you to say yes to yourself. Imagine making the rest of your life the BEST OF YOUR LIFE.

I’d love to work with you!

The MidLIFE Fixer-Upper

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The MidLIFE Fixer Upper is an exclusive online coaching experience that helps women go from stuck, stressed, and scared to refreshed, revitalized, and refocused. The coaching focuses on tearing down negative thought patterns to make space for positive change and growth, and helping you take small steps toward your big goals.

In The Mindset Fixer-Upper, I’ll guide you step-by-step through your own exciting transformation. You’ll learn the One Choice Method, and get the tools and techniques to build the positive life you imagine for yourself—starting NOW!

“I learned how to make changes one choice at a time. I’m proud of myself for every good choice I make, because even the smallest thing is a step forward. I don’t feel afraid anymore. I feel empowered.

~ Katherine J.

“Most of my life was good, but there were things I wanted to change. I tried to do it on my own, but that didn’t work. Tracy helped me realize that hidden negativity was holding me back. It’s good to have someone to teach you how to look at things in a positive way. Now I’m vividly aware of how I need to approach things. It feels amazing.”

~ Sarah R.

“I was spending way too much mental energy on things. Now there’s less ruminating and more action. I don’t have that feeling that I’m overwhelmed anymore. I needed to stop allowing people to take advantage of me. Tracy taught me how to set new boundaries, and that it’s alright to say no. My life is so much better!”

~ Noreen F.

“I was sad knowing that if I didn’t change, my life would always be the same. The little positive changes I’m making every day are getting me closer to the life I want to have. My relationship with my husband has gotten better, and my family has noticed a difference in me. I’ve learned how to feel better about everything.”

~ Lori S.

“After losing 50 pounds through healthy eating and exercise, I hit a mental slump and began regaining the weight. I was really getting upset with myself because I didn’t want to undo all the good I had done. I struggled to get my mindset back to making healthy choices! Then I started working with Tracy.

Tracy’s coaching helped me realize that I have control of my thoughts and feelings. Those, and my beliefs, directly impact my outcomes. I also learned that the keys to my success were setting small, obtainable goals and keeping myself accountable. Most importantly, Tracy guided me to believe that I deserve to be healthy and to make myself a priority despite what life tries to throw at me! I’m now back on the right path.”

~ Judy K.

“I was stuck. I wanted everything to change. I could see the life I wanted to live—to get fit, stop negative thinking, be more grateful, and minimize the clutter in my mind. I just didn’t know how to get there. I thought I was too old to learn anything new, but now I know I’m not. Tracy’s coaching gave me the confidence to focus on the things I want in my life. That’s been very freeing for me.”

~ Patricia L.

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